Lloyd Cedarholm, LCDR, USNR, Ret., 1922-2009

Having spent many years in New York as a freelance artist and illustrator, Lloyd Cedarholm had a keenly felt connection with that "greatest American city." Standing Tall, Tears and All, was his tribute to the indomitable American Spirit faced with the unspeakable horror and tragedy of the attacks of September 11, 2001.

In another time, Lloyd's response to an attack on America was to join the Navy, flying the famed "Hellcat" off carriers in the Pacific. Part of him, he said, wished he could get back in his cockpit right now and fight for America once again.

During his career in the "Big Apple," he did paintings and advertising illustrations for some of the country's largest corporations. He also found a niche doing overflow work for other artists because, as he says, he could paint in anyone's style! While in New York, he met and married Betty Hartley and they had two sons, Brett and Coby.

Moving his family back home to Kansas City in 1969, Lloyd worked for this city's largest agencies before returning to freelance art in 1988.

An avid biker, Lloyd participated in "Biking Across Kansas" for 13 years before a botched surgery ended his career in 2002. He died August 27, 2009.

Lloyd said, "If you want to talk, God will listen."

Lloyd with his Hellcat in October 1944 in Hawaii.